SysManager Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1     What is SysManeger?

A1    SysManager is a series of harddisk switching device, including SySelect, SySecure and SySwap to fully utilize your harddisk and computer hardware resources. All of them aim to switch over multiple internal harddisks.

Q2     How SySelect is used?

A2    SySelect is especially useful for advanced computer users to run different operation system/programs from dedicated harddisks installed in same computer. For each operation system, the system setting is stored in a dedicated disk so they will not mess with other systems. A typical case is to install Windows98 in one harddisk and Windows95 in another disk. The settings of the both systems will never interfere each other, just like they are running in 2 different computers.

Q3     Now changing of harddisk can be easily done with Mobil Rack, why should I use SySelect?

A3    Yes, Mobil Rack is a wonderful product. But when you remove a "drawer" from computer, you need to find a safe place to keep your "idle’ disk. As a fragile device, harddisk should not be moved often. The safest place of your harddisk is in your computer. They should be kept untouched all the time in your computer case, but still be easily switched over. Only SySelect can meet this requirement.

Q4     I have a dedicated control/data process computer for an instrument with a special programme. Now I want to use the computer to control another instrument when it is free. Can I use SySelect?

A4    This is a good example of using SySelect. Just install another harddisk and setting the new instrument in it. The two control programs are totally insulated, none of their settings and data can be mess up. When you want to use one of the programs all you need to do is to switch on the dedicated harddisk. If the computer is used by yourself, SySelect is good enough. If you don’t want other use to access the computer, you may also consider to use SySecure, which provides you authorized access to the computer.

Q5    I use my computer to keep my personal invest data at home. During day time my son use the computer for gaming and sometimes change the system setting himself. I am worried some day his setting may incidentally affect my programs and data. Can SysManager do anything on this?

A5    Suggest you to buy another harddisk especially for your son, and use SySecure to give him the access to his own harddisk. With the SySecure you and your son will have your own personalized ID card to access your own disk only.